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  • January Is A Time To Dream, Plan, and Do For Real Estate

    January Is A Time To Dream, Plan, and Do For Real Estate

    Lets Make Langley Real Estate My Big Business in 2014 By Kathy Peltz Google+ January, 2014: A New year has come to my Langley real estate business, and I’m ready to take the bull by the horns, and make 2014 the best year yet. Hoah! Just to be clear, this is not a resolution. What’s the difference between a resolution and a business plan? Well, a “resolution” infers that I want to make a promise to do an act of self-improvement. A typical New Years Resolution would be to quit a bad behavior, or to start a new positive behavior. My “annual business plan” is my business dreams and aspirations for the coming year, and how can I accomplish them? It’s a good way to start the year and gain a clear vision to where I want my business to be by the end of 2014. Core Values Architecture: I ... Read More »
  • 7 Tips To Getting Financially Fit In 2014

    7 Tips To Getting Financially Fit In 2014

    7 Tips to Getting Financially Fit So you can buy a Langley home in in 2014 One of the biggest realizations you can have when you decide to start investing in real estate is: How much money you really owe to creditors? How much disposable income you really have? What can you afford to loan? If your new year’s resolution is to get your estate to help you in your journey. Review Your Debt Load Loans, credit cards, lines of credit…. How much do you owe? Make a list and be sure to include everything. Read over your interest rates for each and put the highest interest debt at the top of the list. Get Help This might seem like overkill if you have a small debt load, but absolutely everyone can benefit from hiring an accountant to, at the very least, review their finances. Ask your friends and family who they use, this ... Read More »
  • Fort Langley Farmers Market

    Fort Langley Farmers Market

  • Langley Real Estate Specialist

    Langley Real Estate Specialist

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Start Your Real Estate Search with is your esential tool for all your Langley real estate search. You'll find Langley homes for sale and developments. Kathy's MLS search covers the real estate boards of Greater Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Chilliwack and Whistler. Need a local Langley real estate agent to buy or sell your home.
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